Light is the essence of photography. SpriteBrush transforms your smartphone or tablet into an enchanted light painting brush.

Light painting is the art of illustration with long-exposure photography and a handheld light source. SpriteBrush adds incredible effects to your light painting photographs.

What You'll Need

Your First Light Painting

Choose a SpriteBrush brush style, open the camera shutter, paint your image, then close the camera's shutter. Your camera's shutter may be open from a just few seconds to several minutes, depending on your composition.

Never shoot in a space with obstacles, drops, or tripping hazards. Practice your technique in a well-lit space before shooting.


SpriteBrush Brushes


The essential light brush tool: Colors, stripes, and gradients that are framed in geometric shapes.

Shape brush - circle Shape brush - bar Shape brush - starburst Pattern brush - three points Pattern brush - spectrum Pattern brush - retro Pattern brush - spring Pattern brush - Gradient (green)
Mask Choose a form to add visual interest to your solid color brush.
Fill Pick a solid color, stripe, gradient, or animated color cycle.
Strobe Strobes adds variety to your light painting. Choose from a slow, medium, or fast strobe. Strobes create spots, dotted trails, lazers, and more.

Tap the "Display Brush" button to display the brush on your device.

Tap the screen to hide and show the brush.

Tap and hold the screen to return to the Brushes page.


Form unique patterns and and textures with an animated brush.

Animation brush - cycle primary colors Animation brush - spinner Animation brush - fire Animation brush - 8-bit steel Animation brush - sparkles Animation brush - dots Animation brush - circles Animation brush - snowflakes
Animation Pick one from the animated brush palette screen.
Fill Pick a solid color, stripe, gradient, animated color cycle, or pallette (not all fill options are available for each brush).
Speed Animated brushes cycle through a loop or randomly change. Use trial & error to match the speed of your lightbrush stroke with the speed of the animation. Too fast a stroke with too slow an animation won't show much change; a slow stroke with a fast animation might blur.

Tap the "Display Animated Brush" button to display the brush on your screen.

Tap the screen to hide and show the brush.

Tap and hold the screen to return to the Animations page.


Decorate your light painting with ornamental illustrations. Stencils are high contrast line drawings that blink on your SpriteBrush screen and appear as recognizable images in your long exposure light painting photo.

Stencil brush - ornament Stencil brush - flower Stencil brush - plants Stencil brush - organic Stencil brush - aviary Stencil brush - bugs Stencil brush - people Stencil brush - under the sea Stencil brush - aircraft Stencil brush - aviary Stencil brush - ornament Stencil brush - people
Stencil Pick one from the stencil palette screen.
Speed Stencils flash onscreen for a brief burst, like a camera shutter. Your selection from the speed palette screen sets the time between flashes. Choose a fast speed to increase the number of stencil images that appear in a stroke, or a slow speed to capture fewer stencils.

Tap the "Display Stencil" button to display the stencil on your screen.

Tap the screen to hide and show the stencil.

Tap and hold the screen to return to the Stencils page.

Night Mode

The default SpriteBrush interface may be too bright in a dark setting. Check "Night Mode" in the overflow menu for a more comfortable color scheme.

Brush Size

Adjust the dimensions of brushes on your device's screen. Scale brushes up or down for visual effect, or paint with large tablets using scaled-down brushes.

Choose "Brush Size" in the overflow menu, click the "Size" button, and select from 100% (default), 80%, 50%, or 20%.

Your brush size is saved when you close SpriteBrush. The current brush size is displayed in the overflow menu.


SpriteBrush light painting Android application, v0.0.3
Made by Mat Bergman


v0.0.3, 1/11/2017: New brush size setting to adjust brush dimensions on large screens. Streamlined the navigation. Optimized the selection of brushes. Improved the interface on Nexus 5 and 6 devices.

v0.0.2, 5/22/2016: New mask and fill combinations that expanded the brush selection. Designed a sublime color palette library.

v0.0.1, 3/13/2015: SpriteBrush was made as a fun toy for all human Earthlings.